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June 12, 2018 news

Dear Chemist, the first edition of the chemical magazine (CHEMAGZ) in 2018 has been published! CHEMAGZ which is published by the Chemical Students Association (Imasika) contains information about the Department of Chemistry including student activities, alumni, and the entire chemistry academics. To download a chemical magazine, please click the link.

The Department of Chemistry congratulates the Chemistry Students of IPB for their achievements in the 2018 National MIPA  Olympiad.

Tuesday, April 3 2018, a General Student Discussion (DUMAS) was held at the FMIPA Auditorium. The Dumas event is one of Imasika’s Internal and Advocacy Department work programs. The event was held to convey the aspirations of chemically active students who are expected to be able to develop the Chemistry Department of IPB to be […]

Department of Chemistry FMIPA IPB will hold a general chemistry lecture by Prof. Mohd. Marsin Sanagi(Universiti Teknologi Malaysia) with title: Biopolymer-Based Adsorbents for Removal and Analysis of Environmental Pollutants from Water Samples. General lecture held: Date  : 4 April 2018 Time : 10.00-12.00 WIB Place : Auditorium FMIPA IPB Please register first at the following […]

CPNS LIPI will be opened on September 5, 2017 through SCCN BKN ( centrally. The tentative schedule for TKD is October 24-26, and TKB + interviews are more or less in 1 week. Please ensure at SCCN BKN. Special CPNS LIPI criteria: – S1 and S2: study program graduates accredited A, GPA min. 3.0 – […]

The Department of Chemistry, FMIPA – IPB, congratulated the Students of the Chemistry Department, Fadli Fakhrullah, NIM G44130068. The achievements obtained were the bronze medal in the 2017 Mathematics and Natural Sciences National Olympiad event, Kemristekdikti.

Family Day Program for the Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences, IPB. May 14, 2017, Attended by the entire family of Education staff and Education Personnel of the Department of Chemistry. A friendly event, competition and entertainment.

Mahwan Pebrian, SSi, student of the Chemistry Department. Best graduate of IPB level, Bachelor Education Program, Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences with Cum Laude title.

The Chemistry Magazine or Chemistry on Magazine (CHEMAGZ) provides information about the Department of Chemistry including student activities, alumni, and others. To download the magazine click here