Student Affairs

The Department of Chemistry FMIPA IPB accommodates students to hone Soft Skills of students through the Professional Association of Chemistry Students (Imasika). Also, there is also a place for developing sports (basketball, futsal, and badminton) hobbies, music (Petri dish percussion, acoustics), edutainment (Magic Chemistry), extra-academic (Olympic, Chemistry Challenge, and Avogadro study clubs). The association with the alumni of the Chemistry Department of IPB also continued to be carefully guarded through alumni gathering programs, grand reunions, and the involvement of alumni in student activities such as new student orientation and work briefing for Chemistry students. To support students’ academic and non-academic activities, there are many scholarship programs for Chemistry students of IPB. Some examples that have been widely accepted are Bidikmisi, PPA, BBM, LPDP, Tanoto Foundation, Djarum, and Karya Salemba Empat.
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