The chemistry academics of IPB once again made a proud achievement in “Pemilihan Dosen dan Tenaga Kependidikan Berprestasi Tingkat IPB”. Prestasi diraih oleh Rohmat Ismail, AMd swon the second place in the 2018 Achievement Education Laboratory category; Asep Suryana, AMd was ranked fifth in the 2018 Outstanding Financial Managers category; and Dr. Irmanida Batubara, MSi as […]

By: Eka Budiarti, Perlambang Budiarti, dan Manggar Arum Aristri Chicken is one type of poultry that has meat with a complete source of essential amino acids. At present according to BPS data (2016), states that broiler consumption increased from 2009 to 2016. The increase is comparable to the increase in waste produced, especially in chicken […]

Seminar & Konferensi Ilmiah

  1. Indonesian Conference on Chemical Analysis and Instrumentation 2020 (Jakarta Convention Center, April 22, 2020)

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