Profil Program Studi S2

Mastering the relevant chemical technology applications



Head of Study Program :

Dr. Mohamad Rafi, MSi

Secretary of Study Program :

Dr. Wulan Tri Wahyuni, MSi



The vision of the IPB Chemistry Masters program is to make the Master’s strata study program the leading study program in Indonesia in developing human resources and science and technology with the main competencies of chemistry developers and playing a major role in promoting agriculture through inter- and multidisciplinary research and dissemination of research results at the national level and international.


In line with the mission of IPB and Faculty of Math and Science IPB, the mission of the Department of Chemistry was prepared, specify:

  1. Creating graduates with academic excellence (high competitiveness, capable of scholarship, having social sensitivity) and character in the application of chemistry that is relevant to current and future community needs, especially in agriculture.

  2. Organizing academic activities and community service that can be accounted for by stakeholders.


In carrying out its vision and mission, the aim of the Department of Chemistry is to develop a professional chemical education program and be able to produce graduates with high competitiveness, character, armed enough to enter the workforce and innovate in advancing their careers so as to create their own jobs, be able to work together and adaptable, highly competitive and commendable.

The education objective of the Department of Chemistry is derived from the aim of the education of the Master of Chemistry study program.

Educational Objectives of the Master of Chemistry Study Program:

In carrying out its vision and mission, the educational objectives of the Master of Chemistry program are in line with the objectives of the Department of Chemistry, namely to produce graduates who have independence and ability in education, research, and development of chemistry and their application in various fields, especially in Agriculture, Marine and Biosciences.

Competency of Masters of Chemistry Graduates

  • Mastering and developing chemical science and technology.

  • Able to make analysis and synopsis in the field of chemistry that will deliver is a research topic.

  • Able to design research in chemistry.

  • Able to evaluate and make scientific arguments on the facts and findings of various studies in the field of chemistry.

  • Able to write articles that are worthy of publication in scientific journals.

  • Able to communicate information, and the results of research in the field of chemistry verbally and in writing.

  • Able to play a role as a leader in identifying and providing alternative solutions to problems in the field of chemistry.

  • Have creativity and managerial skills.

These standards are translated into the main competencies of graduates as follows:

  • Utilizing chemical science and technology to solve problems in the field of chemistry.

  • Use the information to compile a synopsis of research or formulate research problems.

  • Produce competitive research proposals.

  • Utilizing information and findings from the library to choose the method to be used in chemical research.

  • Utilizing information and findings from the literature and from his research to produce useful findings for science and technology.

  • Write scientific articles and present them at national and international scientific meetings.

  • Work in teams.

Competencies of graduates of the Chemistry Masters Study Program are translated into the supporting competencies of graduates as follows:

  1. Able to choose, explain and develop methods of isolation and characterization according to the target secondary metabolites

  2. Able to make and develop electrodes for sensing

  3. Able to choose, and explain that surfactant as a surface active ingredient is related to the interface reaction caused by the phenomenon of sorption/desorption.

  4. Mastering knowledge about the functions of the latest chemical instruments and how they are operated, and

  5. Mastering the relevant chemical technology applications.

Penjabaran Standar Kompetensi Lulusan PS Magister Kimia sudah mengikuti kebijakan DIKTI tentang KKNI (Kerangka Kualifikasi Nasional Indonesia), sesuai dengan jenjang kualifikasi 8.


The target to be achieved by the Chemistry Masters Program is:

Produce graduates who excel at national and international levels and are able to identify, analyze, and develop chemistry and apply it in all fields, especially in the field of Agriculture.

Status of Accreditation of Chemistry Masters Program

The Master of Chemistry Study Program has an accreditation status : ACCREDITED “A” by BAN-PT

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