2013 Doctoral in Inorganic Chemistry  atWestfälische Wilhelms-Universität  Muenster – Germany.
2009 Master in Aplied Photonic at ENS de Cachan-France, and Universitad de Complutense Madrid-Spain
2005 BSc in Chemistry Bogor Agricultural University (IPB) – Indonesia


Development of green chemical synthesis for efficient conversion of biomass to high valued fine chemicals. Synthesis luminecents nanomaterials for the applications in the fields of optoelectronic and biomedicines. Design and synthesis of corrosion inhibitor from palm oil (collaboration with industry – Elnusa Petrofins).


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Research Group

 Kimia Anorganik

Research Interests

  • Organmetallic Chemistry
  • Green Chemistry
  • Luminescent materials

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+62 251 8624567
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