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Welcome to the website of our Department of Chemistry. Here, you will find lecturers who inspire students to discover chemistry essentials. Chemistry studies the fundamental properties of substances, their structure, and changes in substances. Understanding substances and creating new ones via the correct methods will play an essential role for humankind in the development of this era.

We invite you to explore our site, enroll in our programs, join post-graduate programs, conduct research, and enter the diverse and exciting world of chemistry.

The discovery of new phenomena stimulates our intellectual curiosity, gives a deep insight, and has a far-reaching impact on the development of science and technology. The Department of Chemistry at IPB University offers chemical studies such as organic, inorganic, analytical, and physical chemistry as its foundation. Each of our divisions is developing cutting-edge methods of teaching and research in various fields. Research experience starts from the undergraduate level (Bachelor, S1) and postgraduate program (master`s, S2; doctoral, S-3). To date, our Department has produced hundreds of alums working in various leading government agencies, domestic and foreign companies, and other recognized institutions. We invite you to explore our site, enroll in our programs, join postgraduate programs, conduct research, and enter the diverse and exciting world of chemistry.

Please join our community, contribute with us to the world of chemistry, and build a career for a better future.


Prof. Dr. Dyah Iswantini Pradono

Head of the Department of Chemistry

75.7 %
Lecturer qualifications hold a Doctoral degree
24.3 %
Lecturer qualifications with a Master's degree
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Degree program

Have the ability to conceptualize chemistry in a broad and balanced manner, including mastery of science and technology in the field of chemistry.

Graduate program

Able to develop knowledge, technology and/or art in their scientific field or professional practice through research, to produce innovative and tested work.


Hi, the chemistry department is divided into several divisions, namely analytical chemistry, inorganic chemistry, physical chemistry and organic chemistry.


Hi, the chemistry department has a lot of achievements from lecturers, students and academic staff.

Student Affairs

Student services to prepare students to become graduates who are ready to enter society.

Campus Life

We believe that a good campus environment makes us comfortable in learning

Our Research

Research in the Division of Chemistry and Biological Chemistry covers a broad spectrum of topics, including synthetic chemistry, biological and medicinal chemistry, imaging and sensing, main group chemistry, and femtochemistry.

MBKM Program

The Independent Learning Policy is a framework for preparing students to become strong graduates, relevant to the needs of the times, and ready to become leaders with a high national spirit.

Student Exchange

Student exchange is a routine program of the chemistry department, this allows students to take chemistry courses in chemistry departments or majors at other universities.

International Summer Course on Marine Natural Products

The main goal of the summer course to introduce marine natural products chemistry, cutting-edge organic chemistry, by studying marine biodiversity and its chemistry.

Implementation of KKNT

Thematic KKN is a form of education that provides students with learning experiences living in the community outside campus.

Internships and Entrepreneurship

1-2 semester internship program, provides students with sufficient experience, direct learning in the workplace (experiential learning).

Teaching Innovation and Upskilling

Innovation and increasing abilities make students more ready to be introduced to society.


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