The Chemistry Department of FMIPA IPB manages the Bachelor of Chemistry Program, and the Chemistry Masters Program, and is currently in the discussion stage for the Chemistry Doctoral Program. The Bachelor of Chemistry program was established in 1989, won A accreditation from BAN PT in 2003-2008, which was successfully maintained in 2008-2013 and 2013-2018, and in the submission stage for International Accreditation from the Royal Society of Chemistry (RSC). The Department of Chemistry FMIPA IPB has been certified ISO 9001: 2015 as proof of a quality standard international quality management system. The Department of Chemistry FMIPA IPB is supported by 35 experienced lecturers with 71.4% qualifications holding Doctoral degrees including 4 professors, and 28.6% holding Masters degrees. The smooth teaching and learning process is also supported by 30 education staff.

Lecture material is designed based on the potential of chemistry in studying and developing new materials and natural products as superior objects, taking into account the trends in the latest development of chemistry in developed countries. Cooperation has been established with various government agencies (such as the Halmahera Regional Government, Directorate of Vegetable and Biopharmaceutical Plants, Ministry of Agriculture, Ministry of Health, Coordinating Ministry for Economic Affairs, LIPI, BATAN), MUI POMs, national private companies (such as PT Bintang Toedjoe, PT Charoen Phokphan and PT SOHO), as well as professional associations (Himpunan Kimia Indonesia, Himpunan Polimer Indonesia, Kelompok Kerja Nasional Tumbuhan Obat Indonesia, dan Himpunan Kimia Bahan Alam Indonesia).

Department Mandate

Science and technology development in the field of chemistry includes character understanding, separation processes, and material transformation to obtain chemically added value


Create the undergraduate and postgraduate chemistry study programs as the leading study program in Indonesia in developing human and science resources with the main competencies in applying chemistry and playing a major role in agricultural development


In line with the mission of IPB and Faculty of Math and Science IPB, the mission of the Department of Chemistry was prepared, specify:

  1. Creating graduates with academic excellence (high competitiveness, capable of scholarship, having social sensitivity) and character in the application of chemistry that is relevant to current and future community needs, especially in agriculture

  2. Organizing academic activities and community service that can be accounted for by stakeholders


Department of Chemistry History

  • Established in 1983 (SK Mendikbud No. 0546/O/1983)
  • The Bachelor of Chemistry Program (S1 Program) began in 1988/89
  • The Chemistry Masters Program (S2 Program) began in 2000/2001
  • Accreditation by BAN-PT:
    S1 Program: A (Exellent) until 2018
    S2 Program: A (Exellent) until 2020