Mohamad Rafi


Assistant Professor

Analytical Chemistry


  • 2013
    S3 Material Engineering
    Gifu University
  • 2009
    S2 Kimia
    IPB University
  • 2000
    S1 Kimia
    IPB University


Prof. Dr. Mohamad Rafi, MSi

Research Field

Featured Publication

  • M Rafi, B Nurcahyo, WT Wahyuni, Z Arif, DA Septaningsih, SP Putri, E Fukusaki. 2021. Feasibility of UV-Vis spectral fingerprinting combined with chemometrics for rapid detection of Phyllanthus niruri adulteration with Leucaena leucocephala. Sains Malaysiana 50(4): 997-1006.
  • AH Umar, D Ratnadewi, M Rafi, YC Sulistyaningsih. 2021. Untargeted Metabolomics Analysis Using FTIR and UHPLC-Q-Orbitrap HRMS of Two Curculigo Species and Evaluation of their Antioxidant and ?-Glucosidase Inhibitory Activities. Metabolites 11(1): 42.
  • M Rafi, AF Devi, UD Syafitri, R Heryanto, IH Suparto, MB Amran, A Rohman, B Prajogo, LW Lim. 2020. Classification of Andrographis paniculata extracts by solvent extraction using HPLC fingerprint and chemometric analysis. BMC Research Notes 13: 56.
  • E Hernadi, E Rohaeti, M Rafi, WT Wahyuni, SP Putri, E Fukusaki. 2019. HPLC fingerprinting coupled with linear discriminant analysis for the detection of adulteration in Orthosiphon aristatus. Journal of Liquid Chromatography and Related Techniques 42(15-16): 513-520.
  • M Rafi, F Handayani, LK Darusman, E Rohaeti, Y Wahyu, Sulistiyani, K Honda, SP Putri. 2018. A combination of simultaneous quantification of four triterpenes and fingerprint analysis using HPLC for rapid identification of Centella asiatica from its related plants and classification based on cultivation ages. Industrial Crops and Products 122: 93-97.
  • A Sabir, M Rafi, LK Darusman. 2017. Discrimination of Red and White Rice Bran from Indonesia Using HPLC Fingerprint Analysis Combined with Chemometrics. Food Chemistry 221: 1717-1722.

Scientific Literacy